Comics and Graphic Novels

Cristian started self-publishing comics and graphic novels in High School and he continued his passion for illustration ever since. Cristian's "Big Boss" character has most recently been adapted into a 5 issue mini-series which you can read below and a live-action short film

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To read the synopsis for each issue and to order the original digital comics (with bonus material!) follow these links:

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Special Graphic Novels:

* Each year, Cristian S. Aluas publishes a “Chapter” from his artistic life (just pictures, no text). Each chapter can be read as a stand-alone book, or in chronology. The Chapters are in alphabetical order. They started with “B aka Venus Rising,” back in 2002. Some Chapters have photos from life, while other Chapters feature stories with Cristian's original characters. Please click on the links below to download the PDF and read each Chapter. Enjoy!

B Download and Read Now! Download and Read Now! Download and Read Now! F Sky-Rocket. Download the Adobe PDF and read for free!!! Download and Read Now!

Download and read H World Conquest Download and read I: Big Boss Part One J K Golden Boy L More by CSA 

 Click to download "Overdrive" PDF!  
Newest 2017 Chapter - Click image for FREE PDF download: Q: Insta-Stellar by CSA