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*** Here is a short live-action film pilot, based on my "Big Boss" graphic novel character, starring Stephen Brodie
WATCH the full 10 minute live-action short film by clicking on the poster below or at the following link: ***

"Big Boss: Gun For Hire" Pilot Short Film

Summer 2017, I directed a short film for the 48 Hour Short Film Competition. It was a great experience. Here is the poster for it. If you want the link to view it privately, please contact me. 

"Rub" short film directed by Cristian S. Aluas



* “CSA” short 7 minute artist documentary of the early years (2002-2005): 

Click To Watch!

* “MASTERPIECE" - An 'Artist’s Commentary-styled' documentary about the making of Cristian's first large-scale masterpiece (full length is approx. 62 minutes)

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